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Three Fasteners to Choose From
for your suspenders:

Better S-Penders Suspenders

Better S-Penders™ are available with three types of fasteners, the brass belt loop snaps, the classic button or the waistband clips. All styles are Heavy Duty and won't let you or your pants down!

Better S-Penders Suspenders

TOO EASY! Add bachelor buttons to convert your existing pants to the classic button fasteners.
BETTER S-PENDERS suspenders and shoulder pads have been timber faller and woods worker's choice for decades. Made right here in the Pacific Northwest by a professional timber faller, BETTER S-PENDERS are made with the toughest materials available and will stand up to the demanding conditions you work in.

BETTER SPENDERS are the most popular suspenders in the woods today BECAUSE they are as tough as the timber fallers and woods workers who use them. We understand you expect your equipment to work as hard as you do. We guarantee BETTER S-Penders products will hold up to your expectations and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Better S-Penders Inaugural T-Shirts have arrived!

Better S-Penders T-Shirts!

Gildan Ultra Cotton Heavyweight T-Shirt,
gets better every time you wash it.
Sizes: S, M, L, & XL
$17.95 plus s&h

What our customers are saying about our suspenders, Better S-Penders™:

"I bought 2 pair - one to work in and get dirty, and another to keep clean and wear everywhere else!" - A satisfied customer

"I didn't wear mine out; I just wanted a clean pair!"

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Better S-Penders Suspenders


Suspenders For
Work or Play

Better S-Penders™ quality suspenders are made in Grants Pass, Oregon.   

BETTER S-PENDERS™ have been the choice of loggers and woods workers for decades because they're tough, comfortable and well made.

We were so impressed with the quality of these suspenders we bought the company!

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Structural Fire Fighter Suspenders

Structural Fire Fighter Suspenders

Specifically designed to suit the exacting needs of
structural fire fighters by combining fit with functionality.

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